We are no saints.
But - whenever possible - we do what we do responsibly.

When we helped innocent drinks produce fruitstock:
- all generators were running on a bio diesel blend
- all rubbish was recycled
- all programmes were printed on 100% recycled paper
- all visitors were encouraged to arrive by public transport or bike

And every concession we enrolled used:
- cardboard crockery
- wooden cutlery
- as little plastic as possible

With the kind support of Arts & Business, innocent drinks and DMW set up drum workshops at 6 local schools:
Over 120 young students received free weekly drum tuition, formed a carnival style procession...

...and showcased their newly acquired skills to a 25000 + strong audience at fruitstock.
Seeing the positive effect this experience had on all involved,...

...we couldn't resist doing the same for innocent and set up the innocent drum club.
Here, weekly rehearsals forged strong social ties between employees,
and the drum club's legendary performances at fruitstock
showcased innocent drinks' strong company culture.

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